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Recent Projects

FLS works with architects and builders across the county. Below is a list of our recent work highlighting the beauty and benefits of WOODN:

Coral Gables, Florida

Gulliver Preparatory School

When one of Florida’s most prestigious schools wanted to accent their new Auditorium and student center, they chose WOODN soffits to welcome visitors to this state-of-the-art facility.

Clearwater, Florida

Marina Bay 880 Condominiums

This beautiful and luxurious condominium located right on Tampa Bay was accented with the use of WOODN for the Trellis’, louvers, sunscreens and cladding. The common-areas and walk-ways were also covered and gated with WOODN.

Bal Harbour, FL

Saks 5th Avenue

When luxury retailer – Saks 5th Avenue wanted to renovate and upgrade the appearance of their signature store at the ultra high-end “Shops of Bal Harbour” – they turned to WoodN to grace the entrance of their store. The redesign included the full array of  WOODN WOODN profiles for wall cladding, soffits and louvers.

Pinecrest, Florida

Gulliver High School

Continuing the theme started at the Prep School, Gulliver High School selected WOODN Soffits to accent the administrative build on their campus.

Miami Beach, Florida

Private Residence

This modern home situated on the Miami Beach Golf Course accented the exterior of the home with WOODN Louvers and Trellis’. They also created a private swimming area the pools with WOODN louvers.

Coconut Grove, Florida


The beauty of Cocowalk was brought out by the choice of WOODN soffits. These high-traffic areas were made more attractive and will require minimal maintenance. As you approach the multi-use complex, the distinct look and color of WOODN stands out.

Doral, Florida

Doral Yard

When Downtown Doral wanted their entertainment hub to stand out, they chose WOODN Trellis’ for Doral Yard. This centerpiece to the Downtown Doral entertainment district is handsomely accented by WOODN. As you approach Doral Yard, you are greeted by our Trellis’.

Ft. Lauderdale, florida

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel

Located in Hollywood, FL, the iconic Seminole Hard Rock Guitar Hotel has become a must-see when visiting South Florida. And when visiting the property, guests venture out to the pool and beach area where WOODN is prominently featured. From the decking and cladding of the exclusive cabanas and marina to the stylish fencing surrounding the Day Club, WOODN is the star of the show.

Orange, Florida


When developers were looking for a reliable wood replacement that was both authentic and long-lasting, they choose WOODN for this new shopping center outside Orlando. Alafaya, as it known, features a distinct look that is emphasized by WOODN cladding

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

30 Thirty Condo

The luxurious 30 Thirty Condo in Ft. Lauderdale’s prestigious Las Olas area is accented by WOODN sunscreens and balcony dividers. Not only are the sunscreen aesthetically appealing but they are hurricane-resistant.

Key Biscayne, Florida

Private Residence

The front of this luxurious home nestled in the Villages of Key Biscayne, FL was given a “finishing touch” with WOODN louvers in the front of the home. 

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

AquaMar Las Olas, Luxury Condos

The AquaMar Las Olas Condo is the latest in luxury living in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. And nothing says luxury more than the artistic accents brought on by WOODN.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Aqua Luna, Luxury Condos

The beautiful AquaLuna’s balconies feature WOODN soffits. These beautiful and weather-resistant pieces are the perfect touch to this luxurious condominium.

Miami, Florida

Brickell Harbour

Brickell Harbour’s entrance was enhanced with the addition of  WOODN cladding. Not only will it make the condominium more attractive but it will protect the building.

Boca Raton, Florida


Arhaus furniture prides itself on building furniture that will stand the test of time. Making the WOODN cladding and soffits they selected to accent their Boca Raton location the perfect fit. Like all WOODN products, the claddings and soffits chosen for their store are high quality with very low maintenance and built to last.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


The beautiful welcome you will receive when you arrive at the AquaBlu Ft. Lauderdale will be from the WOODN soffits stretching the entire length of the entrance canopy. WOODN was the smart choice to handle the oceanfront conditions that will make other products wither and fade.  

Coral Gables, Florida


A high-profile Coral Gables resident was looking for a quality and durable deck for their million-dollar oceanfront home in the tawny City of Coral Gables. They choose WOODN because of the look, feel, and performance.

Pinecrest, Florida

La Boulangerie – Bake Shop

La Boulangerie – Bake Shop. For their newest location in Pinecrest, Fl – La Boulangerie wanted to accent their shop, they choose WOODN sunscreens to add beauty and the wood feel without all the issues associated with wood.

West Palm Beach, Florida

Four Seasons Hotel

This exterior accent to the Four Seasons Hotel in West Palm Beach provides a beautiful accent to the property as you stroll through the hotel gardens. Nothing says luxury like WOODN.

Miami Beach, Florida

Private Residence Miami Beach Fl

This million-dollar home can be found on Miami Beach with it’s WOODN decking highlighting the water
entrance and view. The WOODN decking will outlast it’s wood counter-part by years!

Doral Florida

The Mansions at Doral

The Developers of the Mansions at Doral wanted to give the complex an elegant wood feel,  without the long-term maintenance needed with real wood. They also wanted to create a very attractive and appealing entrance to the development. In both cases, they choose WOODN. The cladding to the entrance, as well as, the units have made the Mansions’ one Doral’s most popular developments.

Miami, Florida

Private Residence

This home owner wanted to accent their home in a beautiful and distinct wood look and feel without having to treat each piece annually. For that they turned to WOODN for the beautiful look of wood and low maintenance.

Pembroke Pines, Florida

Pembroke Pines Shopping Center

This high traffic shopping center in Pembroke Pines, Florida is accented by WOODN soffits through-out. The beautiful look of wood but with low maintenance needs.


Apartments Hollywood

The design of these apartments in Hollywood, Florida called but wood accents to each unit. And, the designers used the versatility of WOODN. By varying colors, they gave the complex a very original look and feel.

Miami, Florida

BellaVista Townhouses

WOODN soffits highlight the exterior of the BellaVista Townhouses in Miami.  Built to last with very little maintenance, the soffits accent the building and provide a wood touch without the problems brought on by real wood.

Miami, Florida

Luccello Apartments

When the designer of this high-end apartment complex in Miami wanted to accent the building with beautiful sunscreens and parapets, they choose WOODN for the natural wood look with the low maintenance.

WOODN - The Wood Finish That Is Built to Last

WOODN is the only engineered wood composite that can be used for applications that, until recently, were beyond the reach of most designers.

WOODN is an extruded material that is light, durable, refined, and elegant

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