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Our history

FLS is the WOODN distributor in the United States and Caribbean. Based in Miami and with projects across the country, FLS has been working with architects, builders, and designers to deliver competitive, high-performance wood composite solutions since 2012.

As the evangelist for WOODN products, FLS strives to educate the building industry on the value and benefits of WOODN as the premier wood composite solution when your customer desires wood. With a belief in our ecologically responsible business model, we strive to optimize design, production, transportation, and installation to minimize waste and deliver robust, long-lasting systems.

The FLS Team Provides:

WOODN - The Wood Finish That Is Built to Last

WOODN is the only engineered wood composite that can be used for applications that, until recently, were beyond the reach of most designers.

WOODN is an extruded material that is light, durable, refined, and elegant

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