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WOODN is an extruded product made from real pine wood fibers and polymers. There is no risk of delamination and there is no need for painting or staining of any kind. All pigments are integrated into the WOODN material during the extrusion process to provide through-body color.

All WOODN profiles are: 

  • Waterproof
  • Self-Extinguishing 
  • Fire Resistant (Class A)
  • Pest-Resistant
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Fade-Resistant (10-year Factory Warranty)

The WOODN decking, cladding, and ceiling/soffit systems are Miami-Dade County NOA certified and rated for +/- 150 psf wind-load which is equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane.

WOODN gives you the wood look and feel without any of the problems and onerous maintenance requirements.

WOODN - The Wood Finish That Is Built to Last

WOODN is the only technical wood that can be used for applications that, until recently, were beyond the reach of most designers.

WOODN is an extruded composite material that is light, durable, refined, and elegant.

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